Friday, June 23, 2017

Bolivia - Villa Tunari and Cochabamba

(Continuation of our trip to Peru and Bolivia in 1982)

We took a flight from Sucre to Cochabamba. We didn't stay there, howver, as a guide (Sara) picked us up at the airport and together with our driver took us to Villa Tunari, deep in the Amazon jungle. We stayed there in a very primitive hostel. It was very hot in the jungle, moreover we didn't have any electricity and almost no water to shower.

Sarah had friends who wanted to show us the Amazon. They also stayed at 'hotel' Sumuqué and after breakfast (which was surprisingly good) they took us on their boat and we sailed on the Chapare River. On the way, the guys fished up some fish (a variety of the piranha). By noon, we just threw anchor and the men made a fire with some branches to barbecue the fish. We ate with some fresh bread they'd brought along - nice lunch! Then we went into the jungle, machete in hand, and got bitten over by various insects, despite the layers of repellant we'd put on. We also had to cross smaller rivers with the use of ropes, which made it quite adventurous. We returned to the hotel for one more night and then the following morning Sara and Rogelio (our driver) brought us back to Cochabamba.

The rest of that day was spent by making a city tour of Cochabamba, with a visit to the ruins of Tiwanaku.  At that time, there was a religious fest going on and the city was crowded by Bolivians. Sara and Rogelio were very nice people -  in fact, all the people we met on that trip were nice and friendly - and on our last day there we went all together for a traditional meal in a local restaurant.

From Cochabamba we returned to Peru (via La Paz) but that's for another time!

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