Thursday, June 29, 2017

Peru - Cuzco

(Continuation of our 1982 trip to Peru and Bolivia)

On leaving Cochabamba in Bolivia, we first took a plane to La Paz, and then went back to Puno for another short stay, in which we had the time to do some shopping.

From Puno we took the train to Cuzco. A ride of 10 hours, through the high mountains of the Andes. At a given time, we reached a height of 4,319 meter! It was a very original trainride, because the train stopped at different small railway stations, and lots of people went on of off the train, some with their livestock in baskets or just plain under the arm! We didn't starve of hunger or thirst either - constantly we were offered goodies, for just some coins.

We had a hotel in Cuzco close to the city center. It was late afternoon when we arrived, so we just put the suitcases in the hotel room and the three of us (our friend Jan always went with us) we went on discovery of the city. It didn't take long before all three of us smelled chocolate - and yes, we did find that bakery where we drank hot chocolate and ate some sweets...

The following morning a guide met us and we went to the ruins around Cuzco. We visited Fort Sacsayhuaman, the religious center of Kenko and Puca Pucara, the red fort that was used to store grain in Inca times.

The next day we went to Machu Pichu. We had to get up very early, because first we had to take a train (5 hours). Then up the mountain (another hour). But it was really worth it! Our local guide had accompanied Prof. Bingham when he discovered the Inca city and was quite knowledgable. For those who have never seen Machu Pichu, well it's one of the most impressive sights in the world! I'm ever so glad I've seen this when there were not yet many tourists.

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