Friday, June 9, 2017

Peru - Lima

A long time ago, in 1982, Chris and I traveled to Peru (and also to Bolivia). There already was some tourism at the time, but not mass tourism like today. At some places we were quite a sight to the locals! The source for these lines is my diary - I've been keeping one since I was 15 years young and it's a source of information by now.

We were with a small group of 6 persons: an elderly gay couple, a bachelor in his forties, a young guy from Antwerp and us. Needless to say we immediately bonded with Jan, the young guy! We shared many interests and could also laugh together. The air trip took us from Brussels to Paris (CDG) and then to Lima, with stops in Cayenne (French Guyana) and Manaus (Brazil). A long trip, but like always we slept well on the plane. That's something fortunate, as many people can't sleep on a plane. We always arrive well-rested.

The day after arrival we did a sightseeing tour of Lima. We first went to the Plaza de Armas, where we visited the cathedral. Then we saw a museum where the Inquisition had its tribunal. We could see some instruments of torture and also some underground prison cells. We passed by the Torre Tagle palace, one of the oldest colonial houses in Peru. Next we went to see the ceramic collection at the Larco Herrero museum. I especially liked the erotic ceramics! We luched at ‘Los Condes de San Isidoro’, an old hacienda. Full of original 16th century furniture, really impressive.

In the afternoon we went to the residential Miraflores parish, close to the Pacific, where we could spot some seals. We went in the month of August, which means it was summer for us, but winter in Peru. Even though, it still was 20° Celsius, which is not so bad to us. Later on followed a visit to the Oro de Peru museum where we could view pre-Inca relics. We drank something in our hotel and then with Jan went into town to have dinner. A pickpocket got hold of my golden earrings and since then I never wear expensive jewelry when traveling. Luckily grandma bought me new ones!

To be continued! 

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