Monday, March 6, 2017

Switserland - Scuol, a jewel in the crown

I live in Dendermonde. That's the place where I was born and have lived for all of my 56 years - my hometown.

My 'home from home' is Knokke-Heist. My grandparents already spent their summers there in the 1930s and so my mother grew up enjoying the place. As she married and had kids, she wanted them to have the same experiences as she had and so we went every summer to Heist (Knokke-Heist does in fact consist of 3 villages: Heist, Duinbergen and Knokke). In 1992 we finally bought a flat there and now we spent most of the weekends and school holidays there.

But we also have a third home. As my mother learned to ski at an early age (during the war she lived for months in Switzerland) we became ski adepts as well and after going to various places in both Austria, Italy and Switzerland, we finally found the village we've been returning to ever since. We know most of the inhabitants by now and even understand the local language, which is Rhetoromanic (a mix between French, Italian and Latin). They won't sell us lemons for oranges any more!

Scuol (in German: Schulz) is a village dating back to the 17th century and is situated in the eastern point of Switzerland, where it borders to Austria and Italy. The region is called Engadin and is divided between upper and lower Engadin. Scuol is in Unterengadin.

The mountains and sights are breathtakingly beautiful and also the ski area is very fine. I'll post some pictures to give you an idea.

This is a view on the slopes of Mot da Ri and Champatsch - just love these slopes, they have it all!

View from the mountain, looking down on the village of Scuol.

Looking out on the protestant church, situated on a bluff near the river Inn.

One of the many cozy squares in the villages, where you can see the old farmhouses. Some of them are still being used as farms.

My sister and I are returning to Scuol in February, during our carnival holiday. You can reach the place either by car, by plane (until Zurich, and then by train) or even by train, if you don't mind of spending some 10 hours on a train.

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